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Tea for Two

teapotprintI received this lovely block print from my friend and gifted artist, Gretchen Ehrsam, many years ago.  When this same image became available as a rubber stamp from RubberMoon, I wasted no time in purchasing it.  I had my fun with it as a solid color image, then set it aside.  Rediscovering the stamp recently, I was determined to find ways to add color to the solid image, so began experimenting with different media.  Below are the results of my play time that I thought I would share with you.

I first started with watercolor crayons.  The three prints below were all made with the same crayons, but each was applied differently.  (All prints below were made on watercolor paper.)


In the top image, I used a water mister and liberally wet the stamp first, then applied the dry watercolor crayon to the wet stamp.pot1

For the next iteration, I applied the dry watercolor crayon to a dry rubber stamp, and then misted very lightly before stamping the image.


And for the third try, I started with a dry rubber stamp again, but wet the watercolor crayon tip before coloring the image direct on the stamp.


Below, using Luminarte’s Twinkling H2Os, I applied the watercolor using a watercolor brush direct to the dry stamp.


And this last image was created with Copic markers.  I colored the image on the rubber stamp with the alcohol markers. When done, I misted with Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution right before stamping the image on paper.



And finally, I turned the Copic marker version into an ATC!


Check out my blog posting on RubberMoon Arts Blog on Friday, September 12, to see the collage I created with one of these images as well!


The Sun (flower) and the Moon


It’s good to think outside the box… and color outside the lines!  For the artwork above, I started with the Sun stamp available to RubberMoon’s Moon Mail Club members.  

RMMC sun

Next, I drew the petals that would turn my Sun into a Sunflower.  For the background, I created a simple Zentangle(R) pattern.  I colored the image with a combination of Copic markers and watercolor. (Be sure to use either a Staz-On ink pad or, my preference, a Memento dye ink pad, when you stamp your original image so the ink doesn’t bleed when you apply your color. I used Copic Multiliner pens – also waterproof – to draw my designs.)


If you’re not sure you want to attempt Zentangling, try “Dangles” instead!    For this next piece, I started with RubberMoon’s New Moon stamp: 


Then I simply added “moon beams” and embellishments.


Then it gets a pretty wash of watercolor:


Lastly, using Gelly Roll Glaze pens in black and magenta, along with a white Sharpie oil-paint pen, I added some highlights:



See?  It’s simple!


Play every day…

I can find inspiration just about anywhere…  like when this coupon/advertiser fell out of the magazine I was reading.  Trash, you say?  I think not!  Just a few steps and a little paint and we can turn this into Mail Art:


Since I would be applying acrylic paint, I first glued the coupon to thin chipboard (with PVA glue) and trimmed to size.


Next, since the surface was slick, I applied a quick layer of gesso over the text I wanted to cover.


Then using a sponge, I just started mixing and applying black and white paint until I had matched the charcoal grey background of the original piece.


and ended up with this:


Next I felt the need to fill the small white paint bucket with RubberMoon’s Little Luna stamp.

And using another rubber stamp I added “paint splats” using two coordinating colors of Golden Fluid Acrylics.


And for the final touches: I rubber stamped “Paint Tube 1,” also from RubberMoon, and added it to the card. I also added my favorite quote with a Sharpie oil-based paint marker.

I stamped the “PostCard” image onto white card stock and glued it to the back of the Altered Advertiser.  Voila!  Mail Art.


Think twice before you throw out that next piece of junk mail or postcard…  let it inspire you instead.


It’s official!

It’s official at last and I can finally announce that I am so thrilled and honored to be a part of Rubbermoon‘s Creative Dream Team. Check out the RubberMoon blog and visit the site to learn about all the wonderful, artistic women that will be sharing their art with you:
RubberMoon : Hellos and Goodbyes

And watch this space for some exciting creations too!