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Junk Journals


This month I joined a “Junk Journal” Facebook group and participated in my first swap. I have been making these journals for years, actually, but until I joined the Facebook group, I hadn’t made one in quite some time.  Now that the swap is over, I’ve still got the bug, so I grabbed a pile of Business Reply envelopes to use as the base for my pages and went to work.


I decided to create an Inspiration Journal of all the magazine clippings of craft ideas that I had stored in a file folder.  So much more fun to flip through a little journal than sort through a folder, right?  Below are some of the pages.

In these two examples, I glued larger images to the front of the envelope.  Then, after sealing the back flap of the envelope closed, cutting off the top end and punching the top edge, I created a pocket into which I could insert directions for the more detailed project clippings.



I took advantage of those envelopes that had a clear address window by strategically folding the clipping so a specific image would show through the window when placed inside the pocket:


For the simpler projects and/or those ideas that only required a picture for inspiration, I simply glued the image to the front or back of the envelopes after adding paper scraps to jazz up the background.


Once done, I created a cover and used my RubiCoil machine to bind the envelope pockets together…


…but the pages could be joined together just as easily using a hole punch and loose leaf rings so that you can keep adding pages to the journal.



Now, go grab some junk mail and make a journal of your own…  🙂

5 thoughts on “Junk Journals

  1. Clever girl! very nice!


  2. I love how you inserted a image in the clear address window…..♥ Also may I ask where you get a rubicoil machine? I have never seen one. I am JJ newbie 🙂


  3. Wonderful junk journal work! Would like to invite to participate in community junk journal weekly competition at!


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